There are countless activities that you can do outdoors in San Martino di Castrozza during the green week in the Dolomites.


Those who love the mountain also appreciate the unmistakable skyline of the Pale di San Martino mountain range, the coral reef of the Dolomites. The energy of these places is contained within the extraordinary variety of landscapes and itineraries

Agility Forest

Within the magic setting of the Dolomite Pale mountain range that overlooks San Martino, only a stone’s throw from the city centre, you can find the Agility Forest Adventure Park, a series of captivating, safe routes for both children and adults. The passing from one tree to another, with 47 different variants with gradually increasing levels of difficulty, will allow you to experience indescribable emotions.

The sounds of the Dolomites

(From June to August) The sounds of the Dolomites, a trekking route that follows the paths of nature and art, towards a horizon that opens itself up to welcome the vibrations and sounds of all the different types of music from around the world. A Festival with a unique formula that invites internationally-famous musicians to perform in some of the most picturesque locations situated in the three splendid valleys set deep in the Dolomites. The programme offers a series of appointments that must not be missed due to the great quality of the musicians as well as for the beauty of the surrounding scenery.

Mountain biking

Here there are over 600 km of trails and itineraries at the foot of the Pale di San Martino, the Vette Feltrine and the Lagorai mountain ranges, among slopes covered with meadows, woods, high-altitude plateaus as well as a flat valley floor: from April to October San Martino di Castrozza and the Primiero and Vanoi valleys represent a true paradise for mountain bikers, where the excitement never stops. As its name already implies, the mountain bike has a strong link with this type of natural environment. The more beautiful the mountains are, the greater the satisfaction will be for those Mtb enthusiasts who share this irreplaceable passion.

The Great War in the mountains

The Great War in the mountains. Everyone knows how much the First World War influenced the history of these areas. A tragic and moving experience that deserves to be relived through accounts given by witnesses that today, more than ever are jealously guarded so that nothing will ever be forgotten. In the Passo Rolle (Rolle Pass) area, an historical front during the Great War, there is a route you can take in order to discover the tunnels and trenches that twist and turn along the Cavallazza mountain ridge until reaching the Colbricon Lakes , a natural paradise which was already a settlement site during the Mesolithic era.

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Let’s enter the magic world of rocks by following our geological itineraries.

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Art and Culture

Cultural itineraries, historical locations and vestiges of the past, evidence of the rural life of a bygone era, an ethnological museum and permanent or temporary exhibitions: only a few kilometres from San Martino, the Valle di Primiero (Primiero Valley) offers a variety of destinations that tells of its history.

Mountain Guides

In the second half of the 19th century the first so-called "travellers" who were generally either English or German came to our valleys; They had a very sophisticated culture that used to enhance the value of trips, explorations and adventures in general. Thanks to their spirit of discovery and to the fact that they were relatively well-off, they took the historical opportunity to climb and name our Dolomite peaks for the very first time, which were undiscovered at that time, thus earning a place in the history of mountaineering.

The Cristo Pensante (Thinking Christ)

The Cristo Pensante (Thinking Christ) trekking route on Mount Castellazzo (2333 metres) in San Martino di Castrozza-Rolle Pass is an excursion proposal that everyone can take part in and it is an invitation to encourage you to find time to meditate and to walk while enjoying being in contact with unspoilt nature. This is a route that is suitable for the entire family that starting off from the Baita Segantini (Segantini mountain hut), in just over an hour you can reach the summit of Mount Castellazzo. This is a unique opportunity to discover the unspoilt environment, at the foot of the magnificent panorama provided by the Pale di San Martino mountain range.


This activity consists of descending watercourses on foot that run inside narrow gorges that have been cut deep in rocks through erosion. No particular athletic preparation or technical knowledge is necessary: with the help of the Mountain Guides everyone can experience the thrill of going down the stream in complete safety. In this way, natural spectacles can be seen which would otherwise not be accessible, you can swim in pools of crystal-clear water and you can let yourself be carried along natural water slides by the current.


Sunshine, warm wind and dry rock: you just can’t stay at home! Take your climbing boots, safety harness, your helmet and off you go...on the Palarondatrek route. Dear fellow mountaineering enthusiasts, it’s time to go into the mountains! The Altopiano delle Pale (high plateau of the Pale di San Martino mountain range) is a splendid 50km2 rock plateau that is over 2,500 metres high, surrounded by high peaks that hide it from view. There are countless excursion options, fixed-aid climbing routes for all levels of difficulty as well as the historic climbing routes to reach the surrounding mountain peaks. For refuge to refuge trekking, the Palaronda Trek formula must not be missed.


Fulfil your dream: fishing in the splendid natural settings of San Martino di Castrozza, Primiero and Vanoi, in front of the legendary Pale di San Martino mountain range, looking at your own reflection in enchanting mountain lakes or walking alongside the fresh water of streams in which brown and marble trout, brook trout, graylings, chubs, minnows and bullheads can be seen darting around. The Hotel Regina proposes special holiday packages especially for fishermen, including information material, the possibility to have a packed lunch, reductions relating to the fishing permits that you can find directly in the hotel itself, storage facilities for fishing equipment, a quick laundry service for technical clothing and finally the possibility to taste what you have caught cooked by our chef.